June 14, 2024

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The unique tone of the HAPI drum is created by a tuned vibrating tongue of steel. The tone is similar to singing bowls or musical bells, it create multiple harmonic overtones, and creates big sound. Anyone can play it. The HAPI drum weighs 12 lbs. With the compact design, you can take it outside and enjoy it anywhere you go. Its easy to create rhythmic hypnotic moods on this instrument.

From HAPI Drum:

How is it played?
We recommend playing the HAPI drum with the pads of your fingers. A wide range of sounds can be created with different techniques. Playing by hand connects you with the drum in the way that traditional drums are enjoyed. A minimal amount of force creates a big sound on our drums. We also supply each drum with mallets designed to bring out the pure sound of each note. Our mallets eliminate “head slap” creating a very clear tone. The arrangement of the notes make going up and down the scale very easy. Also one hand can reach two or three notes simultaneously for chord playing. It is best to play the HAPI placed in your lap or on a surface that is not made of wood.
What keys are available?
The HAPI Drums are available in the E or D scale with 8 notes. We use a pentatonic scale (5 notes per octave) or hexatonic scale (6 notes per octave). You can play any note combination and still produce a beautiful sound without a musical background. HAPI Drums come in Major, Minor, or Integral scales. The Major scale produces a happy carefree sound. The Minor scale produces a soulful introspective sound. This scale is ideally suited for playing with Native American Flute or other ancient instruments configured in the Minor Scale. The HAPI Integral Scale is a combination of all the notes in the popular Akebono and Pygmy Scales. This scale was pioneered by PanArt for the Integral HANG Drum and produces a mellow flowing sound. Other custom scales are available only in the U.S., if you require a custom scale please e-mail us. Custom scales are an additional $35 per drum.
Why is it unique?
We have created some unique design parameters that make the best possible steel tongue percussion drum. Our Patent Pending (# 61096701) note layout adds harmonic tones to each note when played. This creates a more complex and musical tone to each note. By placing low notes next to the appropriate higher notes we can achieve multiple harmonics. Their vibrations create desirable overtones which compliment the timbre of the tone. We use a compact drum body that easily fits in your lap. We have tested the sound quality of different types of steel and use a unique mixture of alloying elements to achieve the best sound possible. We also use our own unique mold for shaping the steel into the drum. The head is 12 inches across allowing for easy reach to all of the notes. A true rectangular shape rather than the usual “Tongue” shape of a note produces a clearer sound. By using an ideal height to width ratio for different notes we have been able to improve the amplitude of the note and create better balance. Tone accuracy is of the utmost importance. Each note is carefully hand tuned using a strobe tuner for complete control of the tuning process. Special treatments to our steel allow for note stability. Even the heaviest playing will not knock them out of tune. This means each HAPI is a durable and reliable instrument.

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