June 14, 2024

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KF210’s Small Form Offers Powerful Sound for Live Musical Events

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW®) is spotlighting its KF210 2-way 2 X 10” Line Array at NAMM 2024 (Demo Room 17104). Offering EAW’s iconic KF sound, a max SPL of 141dB, three-point rigging and built-in weather resistance, KF210 is a powerhouse in a small, durable package, designed to support a wide range of live sound and touring applications.

Despite its small form, there is no sacrificing output for size with KF210. It is physically and acoustically built to support most events while requiring the fewest resources to deploy. Dual, symmetrically placed 10-inch woofers, 90 degrees horizontal coverage and a 3-inch voice coil compression driver mounted to EAW’s patented Isophasic waveguide offers high output with great sound, no matter how challenging the acoustic environment. EAW’s Focusing™ and DynO™ digital signal processing also allows KF210 to provide clear and dynamic sound with a pristine impulse response at any volume, from 18kHz all the way down to 55Hz.

Continually focusing on efficiency, KF210 is also designed to make operations easier at any size event. Weighing in at only 60lbs, this line array solution is an ideal option for small crews operating out of medium to large outdoor festivals, performing arts centers or theaters. Multiple handholds in different orientations also allow for easy maneuvering through warehouses, backstage or during event loading and unloading.

“We look forward to showcasing the power of KF210 to music and live event professionals this year at NAMM,” says TJ Smith, president of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). “This small-form line array allows for smooth-running operations, which is ideal for venues and events concerned about efficiency. KF210 continues to expand on EAW’s goal of creating reliable, innovative solutions for live sound applications, while still offering the same powerful DSP toolkit for which EAW is known.”

EAW’s innovative three-point rigging also allows cabinet angles to be set while KF210 sits on the cart. The cabinets will automatically splay to the required angle as the array is lifted, while the lock pin allows the angle to be set in place. When not in use, the rig is protected by a retractable front rigging feature, while weather-resistant hardware protects KF210 from corrosion and rust, creating a long-lasting, reliable solution.

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