July 18, 2024

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SplitEQ is available for $99 through May 8 in celebration of its 2023 TEC Award

Eventide, at the forefront of audio technology for more than 50 years with award-winning studio processors, effects pedals, plug-ins, and broadcast products, added to their winning ways with a Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award, presented during the NAMM TEC Experience, held during The 2023 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Eventide’s SplitEQ, an advanced equalization plug-in, won the award in the Signal Processing Software (Dynamics/EQ/Utilities) category. Finalists from the 22 TEC Award categories are selected by industry professionals across major music, sound, and game audio associations, along with pro audio focused media groups, with open, industry-wide voting for the best of the best. Eventide is celebrating their TEC Award win with an eventideaudio.com exclusive $99 SplitEQ flash sale.    

SplitEQ features Eventide’s patented Structural Split™ technology. Input signals are divided into separate Transient and Tonal streams that then feed eight bands of precise, musical filters for independent equalization. “We’ve been excited at Eventide about the applications of Transient/Tonal separation for years,” says Tom Longabaugh, Eventide Director of Plug-In Development. “We knew we had something special with SplitEQ.”   

“The response to the release of SplitEQ has been remarkable,” says Tony Agnello, Eventide Managing Director. “Engineers who have been using EQs for their entire careers are discovering for the first time that their ‘go to’ EQs have been causing collateral damage. SplitEQ enables a degree of surgical precision never before possible.”     

“Throughout the development of SplitEQ,” adds Eventide VP of DSP, Russell Wedelich. “We were surprised by the wide range of its capabilities, from repairing to rebalancing to enhancing source material. Even after launch, we’ve continued to be surprised and impressed with how our users are putting it to use.”   

“With SplitEQ,” Longabaugh elaborates, “end users can easily and transparently repair badly recorded source material, adjust the timbral balance of instruments, or spatialize individual elements in a mix. It’s been immensely gratifying to hear how SplitEQ has revolutionized users’ workflows. Winning the TEC award is super rewarding, as it shows our users share our excitement and find the plug-in special as well.”   

Producer/Engineer/Educator/Inventor and early SplitEQ adopter George Massenburg commented, “This award is well-deserved, to say the least.”   

Presented annually by NAMM, the TEC Awards recognize the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live performances, films, television, video games and multimedia. Now in its 38th year, the Awards are widely recognized as among the highest honors dedicated to the pro audio and sound recording industry. It’s where the most outstanding products in the worlds of music making, live performances, video games, television and films are recognized and where creative luminaries are celebrated for their musical contributions. Through its Hall of Fame, the TEC Awards honors the pioneers of audio technology and the music industry’s most accomplished producers and audio technicians. Eventide has a long history of developing TEC Award winning audio tools and numerous Eventide legacy products are enshrined in the TEC Awards Hall of Fame.

SplitEQ is available for immediate download at eventideaudio.com through May 8 for $99 (USD) (SplitEQ has an MSRP of $179). Physion/Anthology XI owners can crossgrade for $59 during the celebration special. 

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