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Join us in our mission of bringing music programs to children today!

Achieving through Music helps children through therapeutic music intervention. Classes at schools and community centers improve academic performance. Children are given a tool to express their emotion, it’s healing . . . so many benefits from playing music.

The Program

Our Cool Kids Playing Music program supports children through therapeutic music intervention,using any instrument of their choice. The program improves academic performance, it even reduces incidence of youth violence .

A music teaching artist trained in playing music leads the class. Children learn to play guitars, bass, electric guitar, flute, drums, keyboards, piano, any instrument that a child can take interest in playing.

Artists use music to teach students to focus and channel their physical energy in a positive way. Each student has an opportunity to lead the group and all students learn how to respect the leader and each other. Students learn to lead and follow, developing positive leadership and cooperative teamwork skills.


We are planting music programs in schools and community centers serving our most under-served youths, demonstrating how making music can help improve self-esteem by transforming loss, anger and alienation into personal growth and inner discipline. Students learn self-expression, cooperation, altruism and bankable music skills, as well as respect for teachers and mentors. The long-term goals of the program are to give kids a way to express themselves, channel energy through playing music, avoid at-risk behaviors and to improve academic performance, school attendance, and life skills.

Our out reach program has began in Orange County, cities like Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove and Westminster.

Case Studies: Music Students

Grade Average: Rose from 74.3 to 77.9

Average Absences: 10.8

Behavior: All students maintained or improved citizenship marks

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