Mu-FX Announces Re-Invention Of Mu-Tron Phasor II Pedal

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Musitronics founder Mike Beigel reintroduces one of his iconic pedals

Hello friends of Mu-FX

Here’s an update on the status of our current and upcoming products:

Phasor 2X

Due to significant delays in the housings for the Phasor2X, we had time to re-consider the original design in terms of how to make it a better performance-oriented product. With almost no “time lost” we re-did the controls to accomplish this. We will not be making the first design but will provide the revised Phasor 2X to all customers.


Here is a synopsis of the changes in features of the new product:

– Added a second set of Phase controls (Rate, Depth, Feedback) to the product. The top controls are for the 6-stage mode and the bottom are for the 4-stage mode.

– Added simpler and more versatile PEDAL (or CV) switches to the panel. This allows selection of (Rate, Sweep or OFF) to each of the mode controls when a pedal or CV is connected.

– Changed the second FOOT SWITCH to select either the top or bottom row of Phase controls, for versatility in performance.

To avoid the product out-growing the control surface, we eliminated the SHAPE control and instead deliver the most aesthetic and consistent Phase sweep I have ever heard or made.

(More detailed information on the Phasor 2X can be found here: )

   Retail Pricing:
– Phasor 2X: $339.93
– Phasor 2X + MU-XP2 Expression Pedal Bundle: $499.93
Pre-Order Pricing:
– Phasor 2X: $309.93
– Phasor 2X + MU-XP2 Expression Pedal Bundle: $479.93

Tru-Tron 3X

We have finally and officially sold out of the Tru-Tron 3X/Mu-Tron 3X (we are 100% sure of this). No more units of this version of the product will be made.

But we are now offering an expression pedal modification for those who currently own a Tru-Tron 3X. This modification allows the user to pedal-sweep the MU function of the TT3X. This added functionality allows you to adjust envelope sensitivity “on the fly” – especially useful when soloing in higher registers, changing your instrument’s output volume or engaging/disengaging other effects in your signal chain. It also turns your TT3X into a completely unique filter-effect pedal.

We teamed up with Mission Engineering to create the MU-XP1 expression pedal to perfectly match the sweep of the TT3X’s MU function.

This package will include the modification of the TT3X circuit to allow for expression pedal control, the addition of an expression pedal jack, the MU-XP1 expression pedal and a 1′ TRS cable.

(More detailed information on the TT3X expression pedal mod can be found here:

    Retail Price:

    – TT3X EXP Mod + MU-XP1 expression pedal: $200.00

Octave Divider

We decided to do a special run of 55 OD units based on left-over parts and enclosure inventory – do to some delays, they will be ready for delivery in 3-4 weeks (manufacturing has now begun). We’ve pre-sold 18 units thus far, so 37 units remain for purchase. These will be the last OD units until we get around to doing a re-design off the product. Mike has also done some parts value modifications to allow the units to track bass more effectively.

(More detailed information on the special run Octave Dividers can be found here:

    Retail Price:

    – Octave Divider (Signed): $499.95

BoosTron 3

We’ve received some fabulous reviews of the BoosTron 3 from Premier Guitar magazine (, Vintage Guitar magazine, independent pedal demo-ers and customers. We want our multi-faceted tone machine to compete with other pedals in the market, so we have changed our retail price to $249.95.

(More detailed information on the BoosTron 3 can be found here:

    Retail Price:

    BoosTron 3: $249.95

New Products

With the Phasor 2X now in the hands of our trusty manufacturers, we have begun work on new product designs to be released in 2017. We can’t give specifics at this juncture but rest assured, these new products will be what you all have been waiting, asking and hoping for!

It is possible that we will have some prototypes ready in time for the 2017 NAMM show in January. Please drop by our booth – #2489 in Hall D – to see for yourself!

As always, thank you for your support and feedback.
Best regards,
Mike Beigel

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