LAOCAS Humanitarian Award for 2015 goes to Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records

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Bob AttiyehThe Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society awards its Founder’s Award every year at the annual gala in December. But for only the second time in the Society’s history, the president and board of LAOCAS has decided to award The Humanitarian Award. The Society recognizes Bob Attiyeh from GRAMMY® Award-winning Yarlung Records in appreciation of the label’s outstanding audiophile recordings and the good work Yarlung does to support young musicians in the early stages of their international concert careers as well as the recordings they make with already internationally recognized artists.

Repertoire ranges from medieval and Renaissance music through the classical and romantic eras to newly-commissioned and world-premiere recordings in the 21st century. Yarlung also records world music and jazz. 2015 marks Yarlung’s 10th Anniversary.

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The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society uses The Humanitarian Award to recognize the very best in audio, particularly where it serves a larger social purpose. In Yarlung’s case, producer and recording engineer Bob Attiyeh releases some of the world’s finest recordings on CD, 180-gram vinyl, high res PCM and DSD downloads, and on analog tape. Mastering Engineer Steve Hoffman has worked with Yarlung since its inception. Bernie Grundman cuts the lacquers, and audio gurus Elliot Midwood and Arian Jansen advise and design equipment especially for Yarlung. CDs and vinyl come from the best pressing plants in Europe and the label is distributed worldwide by Naxos Global Logistics.

Critics from around the world praise Yarlung’s musical achievements: The Absolute Sound included Yarlung’s Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina in the 40 best-sounding recordings of all time. Michael Fremer from Stereophile awards Yarlung 11 out of 10 for sound and 11 out of 10 for music. Mori Shima from Stereo Sound in Japan waxes poetic about a return to the golden age of audio as evidenced by Yarlung Records. LAOCAS’ president writes enthusiastically about Yarlung’s musical and sonic achievements and uses multiple Yarlung discs as references in Positive Feedback.

Positive Feedback, Acoustic Image, SonoruS Audio, exaSound, Merging Technologies, International Rectifier, PSAudio, Genesis Loudspeakers, Gearworks Pro Audio and other organizations including the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society support Yarlung releases.

Introducing a Positive Feedback panel on which Bob was serving to discuss recent evolutions in high resolution audio, Robert H. Levi, president and founder of LAOCAS, announced this year’s award on May 30th, 2015, at T.H.E. Show Newport.

The Society will present Bob with The Humanitarian Award on December 6th, 2015, at the Society’s annual gala in Los Angeles.

Bob will be introduced by one of his musicians who will also perform. Bob has promised to talk for a few minutes about the history of music sponsorship from the ancient world through today. He is the first to point out that Yarlung may be a tiny company, but that it thrives because of the support of a large number of people: fans, sponsors, board members, executive producers, and mostly because of the excellent musicians Yarlung has the privilege of recording. Join Yarlung and support the classic recordings of tomorrow. Buy an album, contribute $10, or sponsor a recording and serve as executive producer. Or join the board of Yarlung Artists, the 501(c)3 public charity. Join the family and be a part of one of today’s finest recording companies.

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