June 13, 2024

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Pigtronix has begun shipping their new flagship Echolution 2 delay system. This ground-breaking pair of new pedals is the result of an intensive, four-year design process aimed at forging a unique marriage of analog tone shaping and digital signal processing to deliver the ultimate delay pedal experience.
The original Echolution (released in 2006) has been used on tour and in studios by Aerosmith, Living Colour, Nine Inch Nails, Guns ‘n Roses, Dream Theatre, Soulive, Weezer and many other top artists. Echolution 2 maintains the renowned ambient richness and line-level headroom of its predecessor, while offering a vastly expanded palette of delay effects in a completely programmable, MIDI-controllable package that is both smaller and more affordable.

Echolution 2 has a 24-bit, variable-clock, full-stereo delay line that creates echoes from 10ms up to 10 seconds long. Any two subdivisions of the master delay time can be selected to create an array of polyrhythmic multi-tap patterns including the Golden Ratio. The resulting echoes are then further animated by 8 different filter modes, multiple LFOs, freeze, reverse, bit-crushing and totally original cascading octave effects created by the HALO and JUMP functions. Musicians can exert real-time control via assignable expression pedal and envelope mapping for every knob, as well as complete MIDI control of every function.

Navigating the universe of sounds available within the Echolution 2 is easy. Both versions of the pedal ship with 60 Pigtronix presets to serve as a starting point. Any sound designed using the Echolution 2 or Echolution 2 Deluxe pedal can be saved and instantly recalled using the footswitches or optional remote switch. A dedicated PC/MAC application enables the import and export of presets for sharing with other musicians who use Echolution 2. The application also delivers future firmware upgrades and provides all users with real-time access to the advanced functionality of the Echolution 2 Deluxe model.

“The release of this pedal marks the 10-year anniversary of Pigtronix.” says company president David Koltai. “Echolution 2 incorporates everything we have learned from a decade of effects design and customer feedback to create a uniquely powerful sound design tool.”

The Echolution 2 has a MAP price of $299 and Echolution 2 Deluxe has a MAP price of $399. Both pedals are available for purchase from Pigtronix retailers all around the world.

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