July 19, 2024

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Attention music creators! IMSTA will be holding a monthly online live event that provides music creators an opportunity to submit their music and have it reviewed live by our panel of music industry professionals, who will provide invaluable feedback on each song. The panel will then vote on the best three songs, and the winners will receive prizes provided by IMSTA member companies. Even if you don’t have a song to submit, join us ​anyway.

The event is free to attend for everyone, and it provides a great opportunity to learn and have a chance to win prizes. Our first live event date is Saturday, February 19, 2022, at 7 p.m. EST. The submission deadline is February 16, 2022.


  1. Open to everyone except those affiliated with IMSTA, including IMSTA Employees, Partners, Sponsors and their families, as well as any subsidiaries.
  2. Each month, IMSTA will announce the next event’s date on this page, as well as in its e-newsletter.
  3. Submitted songs will be reviewed based on the order they were uploaded.
  4. If an event has reached its maximum number of submissions, the surplus songs will be reviewed during the following event.
  5. Each song submitted to the IMSTA Song Reviews Live, is subject to a $20.00 USD Submission fee.
  6. Songs must be submitted through the official submission form found on this page.
  7. Each song entry must be the Entrant’s original creation.
  8. Entries may have co-writer[s], but one name must be designated per entry.
  9. Songs should not exceed 5 minutes in length (5:00).
  10. Songs will be judged based on their overall quality, melody, composition, originality, and lyrics (where applicable).
  11. Prizes will be awarded to the Entrant whose name is registered for this event. If a song has multiple named authors; division of prize is responsibility of named Entrant – winner.
  12. Entry files must be uploaded as an MP3. IMSTA is not responsible for any corrupt files you may submit. Any corrupt files will be deleted without notification to you.
  13. All song entries for each monthly event must be fully submitted by the deadline specified on this page.
  14. All entries are final and irrevocable. Once you have submitted an entry you may not withdraw the entry or request to change the category, genre or other division you chose for the entry.
  15. By entering the IMSTA Song Reviews Live – you hereby give consent to have your song and/or song link posted to the IMSTA website, social media platforms, or any equivalent streaming/distribution service where your works are available, YouTube or any other online service for promotional purposes only.
  16. The panel votes on the best 3 songs and the winners will choose amongst the available prizes for that event.
  17. IMSTA will announce the winners at each event and we will contact them via the e-mail address provided during registration.


  1. Prize winners may be asked to prove that the composition was created with legal, purchased software. Entrants using illegal software are not eligible to win prizes.
  2. Entrants are required to be present during the live online event.
  3. Entrants must be at least 16 years of age.
  4. Entrants must provide true, accurate, current and complete contact and other information.
  5. You will be disqualified for false registration, making false claims, misrepresentation or any other conduct, action or activity that IMSTA, in its sole discretion, deems to be “cheating.”
  6. Each song submitted must consist entirely of the Entrant’s original work. You will be disqualified for submitting any material for which you either do not solely own all worldwide copyright rights or have not obtained all necessary licenses, in proper form.
  7. Collaborative work among co-Entrants will be accepted, but all prizes will be awarded to the Entrants whose name is on the submission form. Division of prizes among co-Entrants is the sole responsibility of winners and IMSTA shall have no liability for co-Entrants failure to divide prizes.
  8. Closing and announcement dates for this event may change without notice to you. Such changes will be posted on imsta.org and via an e-newsletter.
  9. IMSTA may change these rules at any time, at IMSTA’s sole discretion, without prior notice to you.
  10. Submission of songs and participation in the IMSTA Song Reviews Live does not grant you any right or license to use any IMSTA material (i.e. logos, images, text, etc.), trademarks or other intellectual property of IMSTA for any purpose, without first obtaining IMSTA’s express written consent.
  11. Employees of IMSTA, their sponsors, advertising agencies, affiliates, agents, representatives, and the families or households of the above are ineligible to enter or win any IMSTA Competitions.
  12. The selection of winners by IMSTA and the judges are final and cannot be appealed.
  13. All Entrants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that IMSTA has the right to publicize and broadcast any winner’s name, character, likeness, voice and all other matters incidental thereto.
  14. This Competition is void where prohibited by law.
  15. By entering your song into the IMSTA Song Reviews Live you hereby give consent to the recording, broadcast and promotion(s) of the reproduction(s) of the voice and music as part of the IMSTA Song Reviews Live. You also understand and agree to receive no compensation for appearances and participation in the IMSTA Song Reviews Live or promotion(s) of your works.
  16. By entering the IMSTA Song Reviews Live – you hereby give consent to have your song and/or song link posted to the IMSTA website, social media platforms or any equivalent streaming/distribution service where your works are available, YouTube or any other online service for promotional purposes only.
  17. Artist’s name and likeness may be used in advertising and promotional material for the IMSTA Song Reviews Live, but not as an endorsement of any product or service.
  18. All rights in and to Artist’s performance submitted to the IMSTA Song Reviews Live herein shall remain the sole property of the Artist and the rights granted herein are for broadcast and promotion only.

For more information please visit: https://imsta.org/song-reviews-live.php.

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