June 13, 2024

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Imitone allows you to use your voice as a MIDI trigger to play any sound available in your virtual instrument software.

Voice is a form of tone & rhythm we practice from birth, but singing for others is a vulnerable experience. It invites comparison with world-class vocalists from radio and television.

Evan Balster gives us an overview of his Imitone software at NAMM 2020

imitone augments voice in three ways:

  • turning our own sound into another;
  • correcting our intonation and rhythm;
  • providing audiovisual feedback as we sing.

Today, because of its quick tracking, imitone lends itself well to improvisation. Live, assistive play can help a novice vocalist to achieve a jam-state: a flow that normally requires a long process of instrumental practice and mastery.

imitone is our seven-year effort to create training wheels for musical creativity. We need your help as we research its role in a learning process.the technology

imitone is still a work in progress.

Our patented self-attuning resonator measures voice pitch with unsurpassed speed and accuracy, transcribing it into MIDI notes which can control virtually any other music software.

Earlier voice-to-MIDI tools have been designed for experts who are equipped to work within the limitations of the technology.
We are working toward a tool that works like magic in the hands of a beginner, but imitone is already quite powerful for experienced vocalists. Similarly, audio and MIDI experts can explore imitone’s full possibilities as a pitch tracker.

Our software needs further improvement as a composing aid. A musical score requires more extensive timing and pitch correction measures, which we plan to introduce using a new algorithm based on music theory. This will be the focus of our fifth and final phase of research.

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