June 13, 2024

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The Wathen CryoTone™ Tube Conditioner (CTC) is an analog tube output stage conditioner that drastically improves the sound of virtually any music – while recording or listening to a pre-recorded source – once inserted in the signal chain.

The CryoTone Tube Conditioner Pro is designed as a two channel analog signal conditioner. It’s magic is both subtle and dramatic.

The CTC’s circuit is designed to not cast coloration or heavy saturation. The CTC Pro has no OP amps, tone control or overdrive.

The ultra pure cryogenically processed circuit naturally adds depth, dimension, width and image focus to the soundstage. It also improves textural detail while taming digital artifacts. 

The Wathen CryoTone™ Tube Conditioner (CTC) is an analog tube output stage conditioner. It drastically improves the sound of virtually everything. Music, especially digital music, consistently sounds better after it has passed through tubes. It is phenomenal when it has passed through Wathen CryoTone™ Tubes and the CryoTone Tube Conditioner. It is that simple.


The key is versatility. The CTC can be put in various positions and/or combinations of the analog signal:

  • In line with an Equalizer or Compressor
  • In a stereo FX loop
  • After a DAC
  • After CD player
  • After a modeling guitar processor
  • After a blue tooth receiver
  • After a personal audio player
  • In the tape loop
  • After a preamp
  • With DJ equipment

Any of these positions would have the effect of tubing everything before it goes to the power amp.

The CryoTone™ Tube conditioned sound:

  • Does not add distortion or alter frequency response
  • The dynamics are vastly improved
  • There is a 3 dimensional sound stage
  • Unmatched sound quality of the CryoTone™ Tubes
  • Great Signal/Noise ratio
  • Frequency response is flat
  • The conditioner adds richness
  • Adds body and detail to midrange and bass

As with all Wathen products the CTC is handcrafted from solid wood and is MADE IN TEXAS

The CTC has two sets of XLR jacks, Left/Right input and Left/Right output.

It includes two Wathen CryoTone™ ECC88-WC tubes.

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