June 14, 2024

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Product offering includes guitar hangers in the shape of Jerry Garcia’s iconic hand

GuitarGrip, the globally popular musical accessory company, is excited to announce the launch of their Jerry Garcia collection, an officially licensed line of guitar hangers. Through a partnership with the Jerry Garcia Family LLC and their licensing agent, Epic Rights, this collaboration has been a labor of love.

“We are beyond thrilled – as fans, musicians, and followers of Jerry – to offer these artistic hangers to our amazing customers,” shared Mike Ryan, founder of GuitarGrip. “Jerry was one of a kind, and we worked really hard to bring his unique personality and the timeless vibe of his music into this series.”

The collection includes a guitar hanger in the shape of Jerry Garcia’s iconic hand and four traditional-style instrument hangers inspired by his legendary guitar logos: Alligator, Wolf, Tiger and Rosebud. Each hand-shaped hanger produced comes with a certificate of authenticity and has two options of ornate backplates featuring Jerry’s name with rose inlays.

“GuitarGrips has created a beautiful homage to our father! Nearly as exquisite as Jerry’s playing, these grips rock,” says Trixie Garcia, daughter of Jerry Garcia.

Crafted with stunning artistry, the Garcia Grip is a fantastic design element and functional piece for any musician.

When Garcia was a small child, the middle finger on his right hand was accidentally severed due to a wood-chopping incident while vacationing with his family in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Later, this became a unique signature of his renowned style.

The casted hand was meticulously modeled after his own, including the missing middle digit and unique palm lines. Produced in high-quality resin, the Garcia Grip weighs 2.5 pounds and is steel reinforced through the wrist for sturdy mounting. Each hanger is top coated in a gold metal flake and wood stain with a molded rubber insert that cushions the neck of an instrument.

An antiqued rubbed finish is applied to make all of the details pop, with a final touch of red and green to accentuate the rose petals and leaves on the designs of the piece. Jerry was skilled not only at guitar but banjo as well. Therefore, it seems fitting the collection supports a variety of stringed instruments including banjo, mandolin, and bass guitars.

“It was pretty wild to get a call from the Family’s team and find out they wanted to collaborate on this project,” continued Ryan. “To be creating these beautiful musical mementos of Jerry, decades after attending my first Dead show, is quite a ‘pinch me’ moment.”

Crafted with stunning artistry, the Garcia Grip is a fantastic design element and functional piece for any musician. Veteran jam band fans, collectors of unique items, and music lovers everywhere can appreciate Garcia every time they pick up their Instrument to shred or play a few licks.

Where to buy:

All Garcia guitar hanger models are available for purchase now at guitargrip.com. Prices start at $125 and include backplates. To learn more about the design process and how the collaboration came to be, visit https://guitargrip.com/jerry-garcia

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