July 8, 2024

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The AUTO Series pedals are a fusion of classic audio effects and groundbreaking parameter automation. 


Each pedal features two automation sources controlled by your performance:

  • DYNAMICS: Captures volume nuances, picking style, and instrument dynamics.
  • PITCH: Detects note choices, bends, and vibratos.

With simple patch cables, you can route these automations to any of the four primary effect knobs. Furthermore, you can precisely dial in both DYNAMICS and PITCH to produce nuanced automation the way you envision. Orchestrate the effects by focusing on playing your instrument.


Customize the automation with the DYNAMICS and PITCH knobs, along with dedicated switches with 3 distinct modes for both sides of automation. 

  • Adjust the DYNAMICS decay time, 
  • Introduce glide to PITCH tracking, 
  • Tailor the response curves to suit your playing style and the desired automation effect, 
  • Calibrate the DYNAMICS TRESHOLD and the CENTER PITCH to determine when the automations are triggered.


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