July 18, 2024

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From October 10th‑31st, creators can get the LA‑2A Tube Compressor Plug‑In free, no UA hardware required

The LA‑2A Tube Compressor plug‑in is a faithful emulation of this iconic optical limiter, giving creators the same smooth, radio-ready dynamics control on vocals, guitars, bass, synths, and more.

“We pride ourselves on our analog modeling and the craftsmanship behind UAD plug‑ins,” says CEO and founder, Bill Putnam, Jr. “We’re hoping to inspire musicians and producers with this free LA‑2A plugin and can’t wait for folks to add this iconic compressor to their productions.”

From October 10th until October 31st, creators can redeem their free LA‑2A Tube Compressor plug‑in at uaudio.com and with participating retailers.

LA‑2A Tube Compressor features

  • Add analog richness with the most famous tube compressor ever made
  • Get warm optical compression textures for vocals, bass, drums, and synths
  • Enjoy radio‑ready results quickly, with professionally‑crafted presets
  • Use with any DAW – Mac or PC – no UA hardware required

What is the LA-2A Leveling Amplifier

The LA-2A Leveling Amplifier is an audio compressor produced by Teletronix Engineering Company from 1965 until 1969, and reissued in 2000 by Universal Audio.

The LA-2A was invented by James F. Lawrence II, founder of the Teletronix Engineering Company in Pasadena, California in the early 1960s. The LA-2A had evolved from Lawrence’s first leveling amplifier, the LA-1, which was favored by Gene Autry, and its successor, the LA-2, which had been adopted by CBS and RCA. In 1965, Lawrence sold Teletronix to Babcock Electronics of Costa Mesa, California, and in 1967 Bill Putnam’s company Studio Electronics (eventually renamed UREI), acquired Babcock’s broadcast division, including the Teletronix brand.
Three versions of the LA-2A were made until 1969. After Universal Audio was re-established in 1999, the company re-issued an updated version of the LA-2A. The LA-2A was inducted into the TECnology Hall of Fame in 2004.

Download the LA-2A Tube Compressor plug-in for free:

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