June 13, 2024
Pat Moran - This Is Pat Moran (1957)

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Hajime Sato talks about a rare Pat Moran recording that features bassist Scott Lafaro at The Home Entertainment Show

Scott Lafaro, best known for his work as bassist for the Bill Evans Trio, died tragically in a car accident 50 years ago this year. He was only 25 years old and had only played the upright bass for 7 years, yet he has influenced countless bass players with his unique style that took bass playing to a whole new level. This album, This is Pat Moran, was recorded in 1957 shortly before Scott moved to Los Angeles.

This is an excerpt from the liner notes from The Gospel Truth (2000) by pianist Patti Moran McCoy, which is how Moran is known professionally today:

“I met bassist Scotty LaFaro at a jazz club in St. Louis. LaFaro was playing with Chet Baker at the time. It was their last night there, and we were opening the next night. I remember that the night after closing, we were all standing around talking, and some girl asked Chet to sing for her.

“Chet started singing Look for the Silver Lining. It was pretty funny. Chet was missing a front tooth, but he was still a good-looking guy! Scotty and I became great friends.”

Pat Moran - This Is Pat Moran (1957)

1 – Making Woopee (5:23)
2 – In Your Own Sweet Way (5:00)
3 – Onilosor (4:09)
4 – Come Rain Or Come Shine (5:32)
5 – Collard Greens And Black-Eyed Peas (3:28)
6 – Could Have Danced All Night (3:26)
7 – Yesterdays (4:28)
8 – Blues (4:03)
9 – Someone To Watch Over Me (2:47)
10 – Goodbye (4:02)

Time: ~39 min

Pat Moran (p), Scott LaFaro (b), Johnny Whited (dr)
Rec. Chicago ILL, December 1957

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