July 13, 2024

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Featuring a Class D 900-watt amplifier, ultra-quiet six-band graphic EQ, X distortion circuit, MIDI for channel switching and muting programmability, impulse response cabinet simulation, and more, the X 900 offers unmatched versatility and control

Darkglass Electronics, a Helsinki, Finland-based manufacturer of handmade bass guitar equipment, introduces the Microtubes X 900 amplifier unit – meticulously crafted with the target of achieving exceptional power with unprecedented precision, with no concessions or shortcuts. Based on Darkglass’s revered X Series pedals, this amplifier sets a new standard for accuracy and control.

The X 900 unit is packed with a Class D 900-watt amplifier and an ultra-quiet six-band graphic equalizer that can sculpt the tone from aggressive and overdriven to crystal clear clean to suit every bassist’s needs. The X distortion circuit allows users to select exactly what frequencies they want to compress and saturate for the low and treble, respectively. It features MIDI for channel switching and muting programmability, impulse response cabinet simulation with up to three different storable virtual cabinets, auxiliary input, and headphone output – offering unmatched versatility and control, making it a true companion for touring, live gigs, the studio and more.

Marcos Barilatti, Darkglass Managing Director, remarked, “With the launch of the X 900, today marks a significant milestone as we proudly present what we believe is our best amp yet.”

The Darkglass X 900 amplifier unit is now available with U.S. MAP pricing of $1299. A limited production run is available.

X 900 specifications:

  • Dimension unpacked: Width: 230 mm / Length: 270 mm / Height: 70 mm / Weight: 2.9 Kg
  • Input Impedance: 1.1 MΩ
  • Minimum Load Impedance: 2.5 Ω
  • Maximum Power Output: 900 W RMS @ 4 Ω (1 kHz full blast, 2 min. max) 20% THD, 450 W RMS v@ 8 Ω
  • AC Input Power: 100-250 VAC
  • AC Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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