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In-Ear Monitors from 1964 Ears at NAMM 2015

1964 Ears introduces the Adel Series of In-Ear Monitors at the Pre-NAMM Artist Relations Gear Preview These IEs are amazing. Of course I had to listen to the obligatory Steely Dan tracks that I’ve heard countless times in audio demos. But I have to say, I heard detail and subtleties in the mix of Hey Nineteen […]

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Tronical Shows an Automatic Guitar Tuning Breakthrough at NAMM 2015

The Robot Guitar Refined It took Chris Adams 10 years to perfect the lightweight and foolproof auto-tuning system on the revolutionary Gibson Robot Guitar. Aggravated by the never-ending tuning process, he devised a system that would automatically tune a guitar in no time flat. While he was at it, Adams developed the robotic technology that […]