June 14, 2024

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With 35 years of history-making performance, the next chapter of MPC has arrived with MPC X Special Edition. Discover superior sonics found only in the premier MPC plugin collection to push beyond your limits. MPC X SE features unrivaled standalone performance with the most internal storage, the most memory, and most hardware controls for the demanding music-makers of today. MPC X Special Edition is the ultimate standalone MPC.


Loaded with the premium MPC Plug-in Instrument Collection, 48GB of internal storage, 4GB of RAM for sampling capabilities, MPC X Special Edition is the most powerful standalone music production machine ever, delivering exciting music-making abilities right to your fingers.


With the iconic workflow and time-tested functions, MPC continues to the be the leading sampling and sequencing production platform for every generation of hit-maker. With its retro colorway, MPC X SE bridges the legend of MPC and cutting-edge music technology

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