July 21, 2024

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Featuring an extended 3-octave keybed range, a built-in sequencer, a new I/O interface to connect MIDI and modular synth devices, dedicated Pitch and Modulation wheels, RGB MPC Pads, 360-rotarty knobs, Transport controls and so much more.

MPK Mini Plus adds everything the modern music-maker needs for a supercharged workflow and creative process.

The Ultimate Feel and Expression
The best-selling MPK Mini line of keyboard controllers revolutionized how producers and beat-makers created music with its portability and advanced feature set. The new MPK Mini Plus builds on that legacy with the expanded 37-key velocity-sensitive Gen 2 dynamic keybed. With 3 full octaves, users can perform and create their greatest and most impressive melodic ideas ever. Complementing the dynamic keybed, the onboard polyphonic 2-track Sequencer with Step and Live modes capture new melodic and drum patterns on the fly. Eight notes of polyphony per key step, 16 notes per drum step and an onboard Arpeggiator offer endless creative possibilities.

Eight velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads are the backbone for not only playing dynamic beats and programming drums, but for also assigning program changes and triggering additional CC parameters. Eight assignable 360-rotary knobs offer functionality and control for filters, pan controls, effect parameters, and writing precise automation to add depth and dimension to mixes.

MPK Mini Plus also features intuitive Chord and Scale Modes to help simplify and accurately enhance performances. Chords Mode plays multiple notes and inversions with a single key, and Scales Mode enables the keybed to play notes only in the selected scale. For both modes, many creative options are available along with 15 scale settings.

Senior Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill said, “The MPK Mini Plus is an exciting addition to the MPK Mini line, and the advanced features on this new keyboard controller are like nothing else on the market. A built-in sequencer, CV and Gate connectors, Sync inputs and outputs, and eight RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads are just a few of the advanced features enhancing the workflow and creativity for modern music-makers. From the beginner to the expert, the MPK Mini Plus will be a welcomed addition to anyone’s studio.”

Full Portable Creative Control and Advanced Connectivity
The MPK Mini Plus has dedicated Transport Controls for total integration into any DAW with dedicated Play, Stop, Record, and Locator buttons. With more keys, MPK Mini Plus adds dedicated Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel controllers to help all keyboard performances truly come alive. For even more expression, the iconic Joystick from the MPK Mini line offers up to four assignable parameters to its X/Y axis for morphing effects and creating interesting textures in music productions.

The MPK Mini Plus offers advanced connectivity with Class-Compliant USB and 5-pin MIDI devices along with CV/Gate connectors and Sync I/O to trigger and control Euro-racks and other modular synths. A classic Sustain input also adds valuable functionality for any keyboard performance. MPK Mini Plus also works with popular DAWs, featuring dedicated mappings for streamlined and efficient creative workflows that incorporate the 8 Assignable Knobs, Transport Section, Clock Sync, and more. MPK Mini Plus integrates seamlessly with a wide range of external gear and is perfect for the expanding studio.

Software Bundle Included
The included MPC Beats DAW for Mac and PC is based on the iconic MPC hardware workflow with sampling and sequencing that revolutionized groove-based music production. Thousands of plugin instrument presets, drum samples, and loops, offer everything needed for modern music creation. Additionally, an impressive VSTi collection featuring Mini Grand, Hybrid and Velvet offers an incredibly versatile sound palate from shimmering piano tones to the thickest of synthesizer sounds.

Key Features
• 37 Gen 2 Dynamic Keys
• Built-in 2-Track Step Sequencer
• 8 RGB-backlit MPC Pads
• Assignable X/Y Joystick
• (3) 1/8” (3.5mm) CV Outputs
• (2) 1/8” (3.5mm) CV Clock In/Out
• (2) MIDI DIN In/Out Ports
• Chord and Scale Modes
• Sustain Input
• Transport Control Section
• Dedicated Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheels
• Includes MPC Beats Desktop Software

MPK Mini Plus will be available on Thursday Oct 20, 2022 for $169.
To learn more about MPK Mini Plus, visit akaipro.com

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