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Advertising Opportunities for Musicians, Store Owners, Clinic, Event and Concert with

Ad Units and Specs.

Premium Spots:

  1. 640 x 272 – Home page – top slide presentation – 7 sec. rotating.
  2. Home Page: Side Bar Top Right Ad Space: 250 x 250 – 7 sec. rotating but we allow total of 15 sec. exposure. Above the fold (ATF) ad space.
  3. Home Page: Below the fold (BTF). 250 x 200 – 7 sec. But we allow total of 15 sec. exposure.
  4. Category Pages: Top Ad spot. 250 x 250 – 7 sec. But we allow total of 15 sec exposure. Above the fold (ATF) ad space.

Homepage Ad

  • 300×250
  • jpg/.gif/rich media 3rd party tag, click through URL.
  • If using DART, please send Redirect URL.
  • 40k
  • 2 loop
  • 15 sec
  • 13 to 18 fps
  • Cannot expand
  • .gif/.jpg or Javascript tag
  • Audio Not accepted

Additonal Ad Sizes:

  • 125 x 125
  • 250 x 250 Advertising
If you are looking for advertising opportunities on and you would like to receive additional information, please complete the form below. This form is only for serious advertising-related inquires. All other requests will be disregarded. Please note: The minimum buy on is $500.00 and we accept CPM deals only. We do not accept CPC and/or Revenue Share pricing models.
If you are looking for our ad specifications, please click here.

We have a full design and production facility. Please request a quote if you need this service.

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