WIN WIN WIN An AD – Calling all songwriter/muscians


Wanted Singer/Musician
Win Your AD in This Spot!
Enter Today.

Sign-up. Be sure to put this on the subject. “10 winners”

Sugject: Wanted Singer/Musician

Are you a Winner? What you need to do next.

The Deal: What you need to give us:

  1. Singer/musician or 1 winner per band or band member will win a Ad spot.
  2. Run for 1 month. Start date the first of the month and ends on the 30th or 31st of the month
  3. Rotating Ad will run 5 seconds, rotating with other 12 content
  4. It will be linked on an article or advertorial: You have to submit you content or copy. Plain text only. Example of what to submit. You Bio, history and about your band or career.
  5. Image size: 340 pixels x 250 pixels wide, 72 dpi
  6. What content to submit for the Ad. Name of your band/singer, place where you are performing, when, where
  7. Rules: no nude picture, rated x content
  8. View the layout sample: Article rotating right now on the top page. Titled- “Up coming Even” format. Sample below

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  1. Not sure what you are talking about. Are you talking about music or concert information? Let me know which musical information or concert articles you are talking about please.

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