Steve Jobs Dies: Creator of Personal Computer, iPad, iPhone

Just one day after the introduction of the the iPhone 4S, Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56.

Jobs created a new world with his innovative products starting with the first truly accessible personal computer in 1984. As a long time Apple user, I feel that I have lost a friend, a mentor and an inspiration. Though we never met, I followed his company and product introductions through MacWorld and numerous special events that were expertly crafted by Jobs and crew. At present, we have no less that 9 Apple units in the house ranging from a MacIntosh SE (remember floppies?), G3, Titanium G4, G5, Mac Pro, iPod, iPhone 3, iPad and Macbook Pro. With great hardware and software Job’s company has helped me to create a business and to have many hours of fun with iMovie, iTunes, Safari and 3rd party applications from Adobe and Avid.

Thanks Steve, you will be missed.

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