Rock on Audio – In-Ear Personal Monitor

Rock On Audio has created a new category in personal stage monitors with its “Rockbox” system. They use an “old school” wired approach to create an effective and reliable in-ear system that is affordable for local bands and solo artists. The complete system includes the Rockbox Limiter Headphone Amp, Power Supply, and Rock on Cable for an MSRP of  $199.99. Typical wireless systems are in the $1,000 and up price range with the lower priced systems having sound quality and reliability issues. These wireless systems are not practical for the local working musician.

I tried this unit at NAMM 2010 with vocals and guitar and it worked beautifully. I can see myself using this system performing my gigs with an A/E,  live vocals and backing recorded tracks. Another great option would be using it as a vocals-only monitor system in a band setting, especially in smaller venues where floor monitor placement is a problem. The Rockbox Limiter has a built-in circuit to help prevent ear damage while providing a personal volume control that goes all the way up to 11 if you wish. I can see using it in my DAW setup in self-engineered sessions. For example, I like to record vocals in my tiled bathroom and getting a “remote” controllable monitor in there has been problematic.

The Rock On Audio “Rockbox” is the brainchild of musician/inventor Pete Lewis. His company is located in Lafayette, CO and the products are made in USA. We’re looking forward to more innovation from Pete.

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