Primacoustic’s new website features customized user experience

Primacoustic is pleased to announce the launch of their new website featuring a streamlined user experience that customizes to the individual user’s needs, a brand new blog section announcing the latest product news and featured applications as well an extensive library of educational resources. The site retains the very popular online room calculator/quote feature from the previous site.

Primacoustic launches new website

Primacoustic’s Steve Dickson, Business Development: “The markets and applications for acoustic treatment continue to snowball year after year and we decided we needed to restructure our website to provide the optimal user experience. We know when a potential customer lands on our site, they need to find their application quickly and be walked through potential solution scenarios with as little fuss and distraction as possible. Users also have immediate access to case studies and stories about installations that relate closely to their own situation. As always, a free quote feature allows users to submit their room specifics and measurements to learn more about their solution and the associated cost of materials.”

The user experience begins with a simple menu of possible applications including: professional audio, house of worship, education, food and beverage, home entertainment, large space, office, entertainment venue, industrial, communication, kids & kats, commercial, medical, municipal, sports and transportation. From there the user has access to further sub-categories that make it easy to identify with their specific situation. Dickson continues: “Let’s say a small venue restauranteur is looking for a solution to address noise complaints. After selecting the ‘food and beverage’ category, there is a subsequent menu that allows for the selection of ‘small restaurant’ to find the information most specific to the user’s situation.”

The new site features a blog section that will be home to new product announcements, case studies and educational pieces. Here you will find some very unique stories where acoustics have been treated including on a band’s tour bus, a bowling alley and more. The dynamic nature of the blog will allow for the telling of more unique applications where acoustics needed to be treated and Primacoustic provided a solution.

Dickson: “The idea of treating acoustics can be a daunting situation for people who are unfamiliar with the subject but know they need to address sound issues. This new site not only takes the mystery out of acoustic treatment, it walks the user easily and logically through the information they need.”

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