NAMM 2011 – Fostex Announces Unique TH Series Headphones

The acclaimed Fostex T-5 and T-7 headphones are now reborn with improved sound quality anda new, modern cosmetic design. Featuring all-new ear pads, headband, and cable, the new THSeries ultra-modern headphones have been designed for extreme comfort and extended use.The cable comes with a stereo mini plug, ideal for use with a portable audio player, and also a1.5m extension cable, complete with a quarter inch stereo adapter for studio applications.

Offering a superb combination of quality sound at an affordable price, the new TH-Seriesheadphones are great for all types of music. Unique, eye-popping packaging provides a stylish,retail-ready solution.

TH-5 Headphones
Semi-open type drivers delivering crystal-clear, well defined highs and good reproduction acrossall frequencies, the TH-5 headphones are manufactured from ultra-light materials (weighing inunder 250g) and feature acoustic-designed diaphragms to maximize audio performance. The TH-5 provides superb all-round capability and ideal for project studios.

TH-7 Headphones
Also manufactured from ultra-light materials and featuring acoustic-designed diaphragms tomaximize audio performance, the TH-7 headphones are ideally suited to all types of music and agood choice for a wide range of applications from personal use to professional studios.

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