Klotz Introduces A New Pancake Plug Guitar Patch Cable

Can a guitar cable improve your sound? In a word – YES!

I was introduced to the Klotz TITANIUM guitar cable with silentPLUG a couple years ago. The first time I had a chance to use it was at my weekly jam here in Huntington Beach, CA. I have three different cables that I take with me on a regular basis – a ProCo with Belden wire and Switchcraft ends, a Canare wire with Switchcraft ends and a basic no-name GC cable. I have never noticed a discernible difference between the three. So I thought, OK, here’s another cable for the stable. Now, I’ve been doing the blues jam in the same room every Wednesday night with the same Peavey ProBass 500 and Epifani PS210 for over 3 years, so the sound is pretty locked in.

What Is That Sound?

When I plugged in the Klotz Titanium into my bass and hit a few notes at sound check I was amazed at the depth and clarity. My guitar player looked over and asked if I had something new. Suddenly I had an immense amount of tightly focused bass and old strings that sounded crisp and clear like new ones. To verify that it wasn’t a fluke or some settings change I compared the Klotz to each of my other cables. The cable did it!


Will It Work For Guitar Too?

Well, yes. Kirk was already noodling on his Strat so I asked him to try the Klotz Titanium. Same deal. It made the guitar louder and more vibrant. Better in every way.

I was expecting a high end cable to add a little clarity. What blew me away was what it does for the depth and tightness of the bass frequencies. And the added headroom.

Klotz Titanium Guitar Cable, Straight/Silent Angled, 10 ft | eBay

The Klotz Titanium is far and away the best cable I have ever heard on my bass guitar. Klotz cables are used by Nathan East, TM Stevens and many more great musicians.

A New Klotz Vintage Style Pedalboard Patch Cable

Now, to complete the chain, Klotz introduces the ’59 Vintage pancake patch cable. A vintage look made from modern materials.

Klotz 59er Vintage pancake patch cable

59er VINPAN Vintage pancake patch cable

  • • very flexible
  • • vintage design and touch
  • • high-quality copper conductor
  • • effective shielding
  • • available in triple packs
  • • with angled flat connectors

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