V-Cart Solo – versatile gear mover – mikesgig pick

This product is a real necessity and these guys have a new slant on it – literally. Not your typical hand truck, the V-Cart Solo is designed with the musician in mind. It can carry items in three different modes to accommodate amplifiers, upright basses, drums, guitars and even cardboard boxes. Yet, this versatile cart folds into a lightweight, 25 pounds, package that is compact enough to fit into the back seat of most cars.


I’ve moved my share of gear and boxes, and up ‘til now you had the choice of a full size hand truck that you needed a truck to carry, or a flimsy compact cart designed to carry your briefcase. With a few quick turns of the locking apparatus you can easily customize the V-Cart for any hauling need. Give it a try; your back will be glad you did.


Product: GRUV GEARwww.gruvgear.com

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  1. This is really cool. I have not seen it at any store yet? I heard it was going to release few months back?

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