Dr. No Effects Introduces MotherBrain Delay

It doesn’t take a genius to know the importance of a good delay pedal. Just use your brain.

The limited run MotherBrain Analog Delay is the latest creation from the always unpredictable Dr. No Effects.  The hand crafted pedal is an excellent sonic tool for guitarists, bass players, keyboards and vocal.

MotherBrain Analog Delay

The MotherBrain is an insanely high-end quality delay that produces classic, classy tones. With three easy-to-adjust functions, it’s easy to achieve rockabilly slapback or insane oscillation — just grab hold of a cerebrum, dial in, and you’re ready to go. Present runs your signal from “Wet” to “Dry.” Insanity sets your delay time. Memory locks in your feedback for “Long Term” or “Short Term.” When the MotherBrain is engaged, it has no influence on the actual send through signal, that stays at the same level and clarity as your original signal. To achieve maximum results, Dr. No suggests using as the last effect in your pedal chain.

As is the case with all Dr. No Effects, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to dig into the MotherBrain. It’s user-friendly, simple, and easy to use. All a player needs is a 9-volt battery and they’re on their way to robust tone.

From the circuit to the silkscreened housing, custom brain knobs, box, and brain keychain, The MotherBrain is entirely handmade and built to last a lifetime. It’s also a limited edition: only 350 are available, each one signed and numbered by Dr. No.

To learn more, please visit www.DrNo-Effects.com and Shop.DrNo-Effects.com

MSRP: €239/$272.

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