Advertising Your Band


  1. Side Bar Ad: 300 x250. (you can provide your graphics or we can create one for you.)
  2. Rotating Ad: 620 x 150 is the size that you will see on the front page rotating.


On the Advertorial page your ad size will be 620 x 200 with content. You can provide 1 ad layout only. Please consult with your account representative for details.


Another way to promote your gig. Have fun and good luck!

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You can also add more information to you webpage link at

What else can you do to promote you and your song:

  • Web link of the Gig and listing
  • Your own webpage: All band member information.
    • Your Bio. A little bit of information about you.
    • Tell everyone where and how they can get a hold of your gig information. Like.
    • Be sure to let your friends know about your gig. e-mail them, picture, and anyway that you can be out there. Have fun.
  • Send us your press releases or we can write one for you.
  • Have your band listed on our directory
  • Open Mic listing is available for you
  • Producer listing
  • List of your Event or Gig

Keep on playing music and bring in the big crowd!