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Pointers for product description content.

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  1. If you want your product back, please provide a prepaid return shipping label. We will not pay for shipping to return your product. We will keep your product for up to 30 days to evaluate.
  2. We will play with your product. We will test it. It may show signs of wear when we return it. We will do our best to return it in the same condition it was received but we hold no claims to do so.
  3. If you wish we can use your product for a future contest prize. The exposure for your companies name will run until the contest is over.
  4. Large product – you can direct us to a dealer. If we have time . . . and are out and about.

Request for an interview

It would be great to interview you about your company or product. We only review products that are within the music industry like; guitars, keyboards, microphones, stage lighting, DJ equipment, speakers, amps, recording equipment, mixers, and artists and their gigs, etc.

For the business owner, this is the site where you can connect with your end users. Your customers can blog about your product and leave their opinions – good or bad. This candid feedback provides valuable information to help you improve your service or product – listen to them.

We provide trade show coverage for Winter NAMM and other shows. E-mail us about any show where you will exhibit and give your booth number. We’d love to meet up with you there.

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