Molecules Drum Company Debuts It’s New Shape at NAMM 2012

Just When We Thought That “Drums are Drums”

These drums are totally cool and they sound great. Acrylics and other materials have been used before to manufacture drums, but this is the first drum line that I’ve seen using a molding process to create a non-standard drum shape. The use of tuned ports combined with the rounded shape delivers a tight and focused sound unlike that of conventional wood construction. Available in clear as well as solid colors, Molecules gives musicians another choice when building their percussion arsenal.

molecules white bass drum NAMM 2012 on mikesgig.comMOLECULES’ unique shape produces a full bodied sound with great projection and lots of “low end” frequencies. “If you want big bottom, MOLECULES got em” explains inventor Rob Lerner.

Not yet available in stores, MOLECULES have caught the eye and ear of numerous celebrity drummers (see youtube videos of the 2010 BET Awards and 2009 Guitar Center Drum-off). Industry veterans and sound engineers are amazed and describe the sound as pre compressed and EQ-ed. Whether on stage or in the studio, MOLECULES will elevate any performance. The drums are made of light weight Acrylic and fit in standard hard cases. Whether on stage or in the studio, MOLECULES will elevate any performance. The drum set has evolved.

If you are looking for something really different – this is the ticket. Premiered at NAMM 2012 Media Preview Day.

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